Beautiful 5BR for 14 home!
Second floor lounge area w/ hot tub, dining, and living area!
Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Fabulous beachfront location!

Breathtaking ocean view from the home!

Breathtaking view from the home!

Amazing view from the master bedroom!

Fabulous 2nd floor lounge w/ living, dining, and hot tub!

Stunning view from the 2nd floor lounge area!

Beautifully designed ocean view living area!

Walk right out to the beach from the home!

Nicely designed extra oceanfront sitting area!

Nice ocean view pool table area for your enjoyment

Spacious ocean view full kitchen

Excellent ocean view lounge area with nice sitting area and hot tub!

Breathtaking view from the lounge area!

Stunning view from the master

Gorgeous master suite with stunning views!

Beautifully designed master suite

Gorgeous bath with jacuzzi tub!

Beautifully designed baths!

Nicely designed bedrooms!

Beautifully decorated bedrooms!

Nicely decorated bedrooms!

Beautiful baths!

Comfortable bedrooms!

Nice comforters and well designed bedrooms!

Bunk beds for four!

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